OR how I avoided growing fat and complacent by pressing the self-destruct button on my life and moved very far out of my comfort zone!

The Hedge Monkey is an intensive care nurse by trade and worries at times that his job is in danger of defining him.

As a child he suspected he was going to be disappointed by the adult world; but to date, save for a few bruises, he would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with a questioning mind and a questing soul.

He is currently riding the fortunes of his own necromantic creation … The Master Plan! Namely: living and nursing in 3 countries – 1 year at a time. New Zealand is done and dusted and now it is Australia’s turn.

And what’s more … after this About Me piece he vows never to write about himself in the third person again.



  1. Hello Hedge Monkey, I’m one of the three writers on the Captain Juan site, thanks for dropping by. I love the idea of The Masterplan, it’s the kind of thing I’d love to do, but sadly will no doubt let fear hold me back from doing. Good luck with the Australian part of the plan – the other two writers are both in your neck of the woods!

  2. Hi, I like your masterplan. We should all have one. Writing in the third person gives one an air of authority or will make you seem mental. Either way it’s sure to attract visitors 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Why not third person? It rings true. It sounds fascinating. After the first sentence or so, first person or third make little difference. Second person, though? Second person seems affected even when it’s deftly written.

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