I am a year into the Moult World series and it would seem that this “About Moult World” page needs a little bit of a revamp!

So by way of synopsis for new readers and nosy parkers alike: Moult World is a New World, one that could be paradise … if only its Settlers can  leave the baggage and mistakes of the Olde World behind.

Chiefs amongst that baggage are religion and politics! The Settlers have recently split into 3 camps:  One which believes that they now dwell in the Garden of Eden. These call themselves “The Edenists“.

The next camp rejects being tied to any Olde World ideology but  “The Edenists” do not recognise this and have labeled them as “Atheists” (often prefixed with the words “those dirty” ). This community is eager to find a ‘New Way’ but alas the mere business of human nature and  surviving  in an often improbable and always strange alien world… is getting  in the way.

The 3rd camp is the HEDONISTS … a handful of  anarchists and sensualists who are off their faces most the time!

This year I intend to explore the theme of original Rites of Passages and flesh out the nature of Moult World … revelations of which will make the communities on both sides of the lake question themselves sociologically and theologically! I hope that it does not turn out as pompous as that last sentence sounded!

So there you go, that was the update, hope it helped! Below is the relic “About Moult World” bumph I scrawled down over a year previous …

To be honest I am unsure about posting these stories out here on this blog.

So by way of explanation: I guess these tales are my contemplations on the unsatisfactory compromises the real world made on the ideals, dreams and hopes of an idealistic youth. I embrace the fact that I will live and die in a far from ideal world; but from such musings comes the potential to tell stories from a “what-if” we (and by “we” I mean friends and loved ones) had the chance to start again in a truly perfect world … just how would those ideals fare?

But first and foremost Moult World tales are fantasy tales!

I love fantasy stories and it is within that genre I hope I can have fun examining some of my real world interests and fascinations. Hence, self-sufficiency, atheism, sexuality, the natural world and the dynamics of communities all come under the spotlight … only I’ll throw in a monster every once in awhile just because I love that stuff too!

Again, I am very unsure about this … but a Hedge Monkey’s got to do what a Hedge Monkey’s got to do.

P & L x

P.S: Thanks Lee for first coining the title Moult World … you do have your uses!


2 Responses to “ABOUT MOULT WORLD”

  1. Did I?

    Love the new one, I can soooo see Jim’s face with the fairy comment.

    not so sure he has a jaw line to stroke underneath the hair :o)

    do it again, do it often, and do it on ten.

    Bring on the monsters (I like the other bits too)

    Me X

  2. Well it looks like we’re being treated to a series of our own with your Moult World. Paul told me that you’d been posting up some fiction. I’ll be back to read more, when I can focus all my attention … the sounds awesome.

    And thanks for the comments on Captain Juan … how long did it take to print it all off at work??

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